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Modern Websites using WordPress as a Static Site

Modern Websites using WordPress as a Static Site

Converting dynamic to static pages on a WordPress site is one approach to improve speed and eliminate security risks. WordPress is a well-known content management system that is simple to set up and maintain for both technical and non-technical users. It does, however, make use of a database system and other dynamic website components that could impede page load times or expose it to security flaws.

To increase performance and security, you should consider changing your WordPress site to an HTML-based website. Database queries, PHP code, and other operations that take longer and sluggish page load times are not executed on a static website. Instead, when a user makes a request, the HTML pages are loaded almost quickly. Converting WordPress websites to HTML can be done in a variety of ways. You can use a WordPress plugin like Simply Static or a third-party desktop program like HTTrack to accomplish this.

Advantages of static websites


A database isn’t required for a static website. This implies it can’t be hacked by using SQL injections (SQLi) or Cross-site Scripting (XSS), both of which are dangerously frequent with WordPress sites that rely on databases. A static site, on the other hand, cannot be hacked simply by attacking another site on the same database as yours. A static website is also not as vulnerable to hacking as sites built with Open Source software such as WordPress are.


Because dynamic websites must make calls to the database and retrieve the needed material from it, they may experience performance concerns. However, because a static website employs pre-rendered pages rather than a database, it loads significantly faster than dynamic sites because there is no back-and-forth. The speed boost will not only help you provide a better user experience, but it will also help you gain favor with Google in terms of SEO.


There are no plugins or themes to keep up to date with static websites. There isn’t much that can be done to improve speed or performance. To improve the speed or performance of a static site, you don’t need to engage an expert. When compared to traffic spikes for dynamic sites, there is significantly less to be concerned about when there are traffic spikes. All of these factors combine to make it much easier to maintain your website and concentrate on the more important aspects of your online business.

Disadvantages of static websites

Too technical for the average user

For the ordinary WordPress user, converting a dynamic site to a static one can be too complicated. There are a lot of complicated stages to follow, and any mistakes made along the way can be difficult to correct.

If your WordPress installation and website files are on separate hosts, you’ll need to download the static files as a zip file and upload them to your server.

No easy CDN option

A CDN stands for a Content Delivery Network. It’s essentially a source that serves your static site’s required files to your users, ideally from a place close to where the majority of your users come from so that they have a quick load time. Because no static site generator plugin, Simply Static – uses a CDN to accomplish this chore for you, you’ll have to do it yourself.

Limitations in functionality

There are some drawbacks to using static site generator plugins to create a static site. Contact forms, a site search function, and comments, as well as anything else with a dynamic function, are not allowed. Using third-party solutions is an option, but it can be costly and time-consuming to set up.

Convert a WordPress site into a static HTML site

It is the concept of using WordPress as headless WordPress themes where your theme or design is not coupled with the backend and it is only a way of managing content, pages, posts, and APIs to connect to static front-end. 

Static site generator plugins

You can use one of the static site generator plugins to make your WordPress site static, with the most popular alternatives being Simply Static and WP2Static.

Simply Static

Simply static was the most popular static site generator plugin, with over 20,000 WordPress sites employing it. It enables you to generate a static version of your WordPress site that you can provide to your visitors while keeping your WordPress installation safe and secure.


WP2Static is another popular static site generator plugin that lets you deliver a static version of your WordPress website to your visitors while still allowing you to manage your site’s content with WordPress.

Other popular features include removing all signs of WordPress users from your site so that hackers aren’t attracted to it, the ability to host your site for free using one of the options it provides in the form of GitHub pages and other options, and sending desktop notifications when your exporting tasks are complete, among others.

Serverless static WordPress hosting solutions

Several third-party solutions act as static, headless WordPress web servers, and they’re a great alternative to plugins because they let you avoid the drawbacks that come with them.


Static is a headless WordPress hosting service that lets you construct a lightweight, static version of your WordPress website while still using WordPress as the backend. Static, unlike other options for creating a static version of your WordPress site, goes beyond the limited functionality and boasts a large network of CDNs spread across the globe, ensuring that no matter where your website’s visitors come from, they Static , for creating a static version of the headless WordPress website, goes beyond the limited functionality and boasts a large network of CDNs around the globe, will always get blazingly fast loading speeds because the content will be served from the closest location to them.


HardyPress is another server-less WordPress hosting solution. It’s a lot less expensive than Strattic, with the personal website plan costing roughly $5 per month (if paid annually), but it’s not without features. Improve the performance and security of your WordPress site in no time! Visitors see a version of your website that is fully static. Your real WordPress installation is hosted on a separate site and is only used when a content editor wants to make changes.


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